The Kemper Girls

The Kemper Girls
The Kemper Girls

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Trouble

Here are some pics of the twins together and with some of the family as well...

With Mommy...

With Big Sister...

With Aunt Lauren...

The Dynamic Duo...


How to tell them apart (one of these things is not like the other)

Angel Babies

You eyeballin' me?

She's touching me!
     Stop touching me!!! 


LOL...That was funny!


 Shock and Awe

 Gotcha' Covered!

Snow Day

 Yin and Yang

Snuggle Up... It's cold outside!

 Lemme in!!!

 Zoe's Snowy Castle

We had a visitor

Bath Time

 In the Bathroom Sink

 Daddy Daughter Bonding

                Love                                                                                                              Bunny

Fight The Power!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Memo and GP visit

 Memo with Abigail

 GP, Memo, and the girls

 Memo with Sophia


Four Generations

Abigail and Sophia Meet Big Sister Zoe

It's been a long time coming, and bless Zoe's heart for being so patient. The timing really sucked because Zoe came down with a respiratory virus just as the girls were born. There was actually one night when I thought I would have to leave the hospital that Abigail, Sophia, and Penelope were in to check Zoe into the ER at Seton Southwest. Luckily her 103.4 degree fever finally broke and she was able to forego the ER visit.

As the babies were so tiny it was just not worth the risk to introduce them to Zoe until she had a clear bill of health herself. That day finally came on Saturday January 29th; 13 days after they were born. Zoe has been so excited about becoming a big sister and she has already proven that she is going to be a great big help to our growing family. I'll shut up now as the pictures speak for themselves.

But before we get to the pictures, I have to share the poem that Zoe wrote and brought with her...

Click on the picture above to see it larger, but in case you can't read it for some reason...

You are the best surprise
The babies of my life.
I love you dearly
I'll wipe away your tearlilly's.
I'll take you in and give you support
I'll build you a giant princess fort!
You are the best surprise, The
babies of my life.
I love you Abby & Sofie!

Zoe :-)

 Zoe feeding Abigail

 Big Smiles!

 Bigger Smiles!

 Love It!

 So far, she's actually excited to change diapers...

 We'll see how long that lasts!

 Zoe with Sophia

 How sweet is that?!?!

Good Night!